Origin of Goblins

Goblins are described as having a wide variation of characteristics, and temperaments, which are usually dependant upon the cultures from which the folklore originated. In some folklore, they are vicious, rude, horribly disfigured monstrosities. In others, they can be as tall as a man, or as tiny as a dwarf. Sometimes they are closer in […]

Goblin Etiquette & Rules

There are certain rules to know and follow when dealing with goblins, or their cousins. Follow the rules below, and you may indeed, some day, survive a confrontation with one of the little beasts. Outrunning a redcap is impossible. You have to stop, and quote a passage from the Bible. Don’t be fooled; they wear […]

Goblins In Fiction

Some of the best fiction has been about goblins. I should know, I was once enthraled, and still am by them, whether they’re good, bad, ugly, or just misunderstood. My favourite goblin story of all time was “The Princess and the Goblin”. A long time ago, when VHS was booming, and DVD’s were a thing […]


The name and the fairy tale, both originated in Germany, where it was later collected by two famous brothers, of the surname Grimm, who published it in storybooks for children, who are still told the same story today, almost two hundred years since it was first published in 1812. Rumplestiltskin vaguely means in German, “little […]

Other Similar Creatures

Hobgoblin – According to most folklore and fictional sources, a hobgoblin is the happier, and more friendly version of the goblin, or at least, a close cousin in the same fairy ilk. While the hobgoblin is still troublesome, they usually are not as mean spirited. Redcap – Redcaps are a type of goblin as well, […]

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